Monday, November 16, 2026

Smiley face handmade pillows, bright pillows, Pekingese dog

Hello! I am Eli, I sew childrens pillows with smiley face classical style 70's, how its invented Harvey Bell. I love to add cute attributes to the smileys for diversity. I also love Pekingese. I'm a real fan of this dog breed. I am very thankful for the opportunity to sell my creativity on Etsy. This is a unique place where you can find the most incredible things like a fairy tale.In my shop you can find round smileys any size within 12 inches of different colors and textures. Please, use the navigation "section", which is located right in the store, to find the right size of a smile. Round cushion yellow smiley good as a gift for child, adult, or perhaps just for home staging.
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Flower girl gift toys

 I decided to return to experiment with cute monsters, which I started to sew in 2015.  From the words of my clients, I realized that the toy "forget-me-not" is sweet, but feels like a little bit sad. Maybe I chose wrong flower. Hope that the aster and sakura have more positive associations in the United States.
WHITE FURRY monsters with pink flowers. Flower girl gift toy, kawaii toy, kawaii plush, flower girl gift ideas, wedding plushies.
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The size of toys - height with flowers 16 cm = 6,3 inches

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Pink furry kawaii monsters with white orchid flowers.  You can choose with a pink accent or with a purple.
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Owl-Spy brooches

Based on my experiences as a seller on Etsy I suggest that people buy items with the image of dogs only if they have dogs, otherwise they prefer wild animals. A woman which likes pugs photo on Facebook will not buy a mug with a pug. Inasmuch Pekingese are in the end of the top 100 popular dog breeds, I thought how it is possible to combine the pekingese with a wild animal. Some sketches with a pen - and scared owl turned into a spy. I'm not a jeweler, but I hope that this brooch of a mysterious owl will help my store stay afloat.
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pekingese dog pillow, fleece and knitted square form 12 inch

Decorative pillow, Pekingese, Pekinese, pékinois, pekinés, home decor, pekingese dog pillow, dog face pillow, dog pillow, dog cushion, animal pillow, fleece and knitted, two-tone decorative pillow square form 12 inch.
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Almohada decorativa, pekinés, pekinés, pékinois, pekinés, decoración del hogar, almohada de perro pekinés, almohada cara de perro, almohada de perro, cojín de perro, almohada animal, vellón y de punto, almohada decorativa de dos tonos forma cuadrada 12 pulgadas.

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hipster vegan jewelry

This brooch made from felt with @ At sign (email symbol) for modern people, who actively use the Internet and take care of their food. The brooch has a size of 5.3 cm = 2.09 inches. Grain around the perimeter is the seeds of buckwheat, cereal, which is common in Eastern Europe. Possible different colors, not only neon green, but I can use only buckwheat. A buckwheat grain most beautiful, it seems to me. 85 album -

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