Monday, November 16, 2026

Smiley face handmade pillows, bright pillows, Pekingese dog

Hello! I am Eli, I sew childrens pillows with smiley face classical style 70's, how its invented Harvey Bell. I love to add cute attributes to the smileys for diversity. I also love Pekingese. I'm a real fan of this dog breed. I am very thankful for the opportunity to sell my creativity on Etsy. This is a unique place where you can find the most incredible things like a fairy tale.In my shop you can find round smileys any size within 12 inches of different colors and textures. Please, use the navigation "section", which is located right in the store, to find the right size of a smile. Round cushion yellow smiley good as a gift for child, adult, or perhaps just for home staging.
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fur stuffed smiley face

Big sun smiley face have size 20cm in diameter, near 8 inches.  The front side is made of fleece with increased density, the back side is sewn entirely of  long faux fur. Stuffed smiley toy with fur is look like a sun or a sunflower. Fur sun will always smile on your couch, create a joyful mood. You can present an fuzzy happy face to a child or teenager.

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Link to Flickr , album number #117  
After you get a fur sun-smiley, you need to comb it with a clean comb.
Maybe you'll even get a little braided braids in Afro style .
 Smiley face is densely stuffed, it is quite heavy.
Packing is a polyethylene package of seasonal colors.
Delivery time usually from 2 till 4 weeks to USA, UK, France, Spain, Singapore.
Shipping cost 8$, with another item 5$ (because it's heavy)
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Please use sections to select the smiley of the desired size. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Big Pekingese Georgia named stuffed animal

Her name is Georgia. She has two front paws and two ears. The tips of the ears are made of black-white fur. Mask made from black short plush. Thanks to my customer for inspiration =)

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SIZE: height 25 centimeters = 9,84 inches, length 35 centimeters = 13,78 inches.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Big Beige Pekingese Mona from long fur

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 LINK to FLICKR. Album #111


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Japanese Chin pillows

Decorative pillows  (cushions) 12 inches red-white  and beige-white  Japanese Chin dog. Home décor for adult dog lovers of this breed.

狆, Japanese Spaniel, L'épagneul japonais ou chin (royal en japonais) , Der Japan Chin , El spaniel japonés o Chin.
Album #108  Beige Chin Dog pillow

Album #104 Red Chin Dog pillow
DSCN0661 DSCN0620 DSCN0551

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tiny toys Japanese Chin dogs

Japanese Chin is a small dog companion. Rating AKS 108th most popular breeds in the USA. There are several types of colors. I sewed a white and black Japanese Chin from faux fur. If you want another color toy, you just need to write me on

Japanese Chin soft toy is good for both adults and children. Plush Chin dog can be a gift for a birthday, or for the Chinese New Year. A small figure will decorate the room of an adult lover of Chin.

. Size miniature dog  3,15 inches height and  4 inch in length.
Stuffed animal Chin dog have 2 ears. Girl dog have name Kyouko (Kiki). Boy named Takeshi.



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Sometimes I take pictures of the workflow. If you're interested, how I'm sewing, you can look "behind the scenes", album on Flickr



Saturday, January 13, 2018

Red and white Japanese Chin dog plush toy

Meet,please,  this is the red Japanese Chin stuffed animal by name Carmen. Chin dog made of very beautiful material with a short fur. Color is like red wine, very saturated. It is possible to make another facial expression on the dog's muzzle. You can check the color on the site . I see this color like next numbers:

hex #a52a2a (also  Auburn), hex #800000 (also known as Maroon), hex #8b0000 (also known as Dark red), hex #b22222 (also known as Firebrick)

Album on Flickr. #109

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stuffed animal red white japanese chin dog plush toy Carmen name_9


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