Friday, October 31, 2014

Smiley face EXTRA small toy ALL PINK

Smile, Smiley, smiley face, geekery, happy face, children's toys, stuffed toys, soft toys, ALL PINK, EXTRA small toy 13$,

The size 11 cm = 4,33 inhes.

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From #93 Smiley face EXTRA small toy ALL PINK

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Happy- Bonus-gift

 Happy. Happiness. Cotton anniversary gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, Valentine Day gift. Available with the purchase of any item from my store, except Smiles (pillows and toys)  and Dogs (pillows and toys)
From #91 Bonus Gifts 

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pekingese, Pekingese toy, 100% wool toy dog, Combination plush with long faux fur

Pekingese, Pekingese toy, childrens toy, stuffed toy, dog toy, plush toy dog, furry toy dog, cute toy, Combination plush & faux fur
Pekingese, Pekingese toy, children's soft toy, stuffed toy, animal toy, dog toy, plush toy dog, furry toy dog, Eco-friendly puppy toy, 100% wool

The creation of these toys inspired me very fabric - it's 100% wool, so too expensive. In the long process of finding the necessary form, my friend advised me to combine beige fleece and long fur. As a result - I have created two toys.
From #89 Pekingese toy, Combination plush & fur 

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Delivery time - 2-4 weeks to USA and Europe. Shipping details in the policy store.
Size Pekingese 100% wool: height - 24 cm = 9.45 inch .
 Price 35$ +12$ shipping to US, EU, 15$ Australia

Size Pekingese Combination plush & long faux fur-  height - 20 cm = 7,87 inch, the width of the body 18 centimeters = 7,09 inches.
Price 26$ +12$ shipping to US, EU, 15$ Australia
Watch the LIVE video from youtube b dailymotion

Pekingese toy 100% wool_ LIVE video Pillowsrollanda 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Children fluffy toys Smilies

Finally, I decided to use an expensive fake fur for emoticons. Fluffy emoticons are so cute, so much like chicken! If you also like fluffy toys - welcome to my store 

From #87 Smiley face fluffy fur PIRATE


happy face, smiley face, fluffy toy, fur toy, PIRATE 13 

Do you wanna watch the live video with smileys? Click here ---